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Have you ever wondered at what point within the literal universe we actually manage to process the incredible amount of data found online?

Well, the answer is nowhere, and it is precisely why the online universe is such an innovative environment. It also explains why UX has always been so essential for the design of appealing and attractive online platforms.

In fact, UX (or user experience) seems to be something which is wholly necessary for the creation of a top quality we

Posted 07.03.2016 / user-experience

The digital world and the customers in it are changing, and no one knows this more than a company’s marketing department.

Marketers now require solidified skills and understanding of the digital world more than ever before, and senior managers in growing companies need to surround themselves with advanced digital expertise. For a corporation with a robust marketing department, or existing branding and creative efforts through an ad agency, it’s hard to imagine where a d

Posted 12.03.2016 / Business

Node.js is no silver bullet, but it's right on target for non-blocking, event-driven I/O

In one sentence: Node.js shines in real-time web applications employing push technology over websockets. What is so revolutionary about that? Well, after over 20 years of stateless-web based on the stateless request-response paradigm, we finally have web applications with real-time, two-way connections, where both the client and server can initiate communication, allowing them to exchange data

Posted 06.03.2016 / node.js

The rules for effective SEO have shifted seismically over the past few years. Experts offer tips on the current state of SEO and how you can use it to maximize your investment in content in 2016.

Marketers are beefing up their investments in content, but to leverage those investments, they’ll also have to put some time and effort into learning the new rules for SEO. The days of driving traffic to your site by packing headlines with keywords are long gone, experts say, and the

Posted 06.03.2016 / online-marketing

Our definition of digital innovation is the application of digital tools and digital infrastructure to the challenge of offering customers enhanced or unique value (e.g., better combination of variables such as benefits, costs, convenience, etc.).

Our particular premise (not unique) is that there is a world of opportunity at this moment in time due to a deep transformation in society and business taking place as organizations and people learn how to take advantage of the ne

Posted 06.03.2016 / digital-innovation

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